Tracking Classroom Data with the Cricut Explore

Classrooms are a wonderful place. Teachers are sharing their love of knowledge with their students while children are falling in love with new things every day. Whether it be reading, writing, or even math. Classrooms are the future. They create future authors, scientists, doctors, and even more teachers! Classrooms are warm and inviting, but there are also behind the scenes that many people do not see or even know about. What is that I am talking about? DATA!! Data is a HUGE thing in classrooms these days. Most of our instruction is driven by data. We see where our students are, where their strengths and weaknesses are and based on that… you guessed it, DATA, we plan accordingly. Now yes, data is just a bunch of numbers, but you can make data not only fun, but useful and informative for your students. In the video below, I show you how I track data in a fun and visual way for my kindergarten students.

photo 1

photo 2

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