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DIY Planner Stickers

My last post shared how I create planner stickers without a printer and just using my Cricut and Silhouette. I understand that everyone does not have one of these machines, or something similar. The good news is that you can STILL create custom planner stickers that look just as good. If you are interested, go ahead and watch my tutorial below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.26.00 AM


Video Tutorial

Cricut,DIY,Organization,Planner,Planner Stickers,Silhouette

DIY Planner Stickers without a Printer

IMG_5572If you are anything like me, you love decorating your planner. I am more of a functional planner, but I enjoy adding a few decorative pieces here and there. The easiest way to add pops of color or a happy little reminder, is to use stickers. I love buying stickers from Etsy, but my favorite thing to do is create my own stickers. That way I can choose exactly what I want and I get to be creative.

When creating planner stickers you can buy clip art, design your own digitally, or even hand draw your stickers. I have made them every way imaginable. One of my favorite ways is by using my Cricut or Silhouette. Using an electronic die cutting machine makes cutting stickers out really easy. Sometimes I don’t want to fuss with designing a theme, printing it out and then sending it to the machine to cut. I just want to cut and go. Well, that’s possible. Did you know that you can create cute and functional planner stickers without a printer?

All you need for this technique is sticker paper and an electronic die cutting machine. I use the Cricut Explore as well as the Silhouette Cameo.

Below you will find a video tutorial that will walk you through step-by-step on how I created these stickers. I will also leave a link to where I get my supplies.


Video Tutorial


DIY Storage Bins


I have a confession. I have a real problem, which I think a lot of us ladies ladies AND gentleman have. Come on guys, you know you’ve peaked! What is this problem that I speak of… PINTEREST!! I probably spend more time on Pinterest looking at craft projects to complete than actually completing them. What’s worse is craft room organization!! Even though I love my craft room, I am always drooling in awe of the perfect craft rooms that I see online. Are they all practical? Maybe, maybe not, but they are so cute!!

A few months ago I go Ikea storage units because I was tired of stacking all of my 12 x 12 products on the floor. I have Target storage with fabric bins that are great, but not so great when trying to store bigger supplies. I decided to finally take the plunge into the Ikea storage and I am so glad that I did!

One I bought the storage units I got to work building them. Yes, that’s right, I BUILT THEM!! All by myself!! I was so proud. I like to build all of my craft room furniture because it makes me feel a little more proud when I look around my room at the building accomplishments. Also, if I mess something up, I only have myself to blame. 😉 After building them, I starting shoving putting stuff nicely into the units. After everything was put where I wanted it I stepped back and thought, “Ewwww, this is not at all attractive.”

IMG_0114Everything fit so nicely, but I knew I had to do something about the appearance. I didn’t want to spend money on buying 12 new storage bins to fit in my cubbies so I went back onto Pinterest.

There are so many Ikea ideas and hacks, as they are called, on Pinterest. Some of them even made it onto a few of my pin boards. I couldn’t find anything I liked so I gave up. I went back to my day and then it hit me!! I have a lot of cardboard boxes that I have saved over the years, just in case I felt like making a mini album cover, but that hasn’t happened yet, along with every other crafting project on my to do list. That’s when I came up with this amazing idea!



IMG_0113 I hot hot glued 12 x 12 paper onto the front of some cardboard and I was done with my new storage solution. Want to know how I did it? Watch the video to find out!!


Cube Organization

I have been wanting to organize my cubes for some time now and I finally got around to doing it. I have even created some tags to make finding things a little easier. It was so nice when my husband came in the other day asking for something and instead of getting it for him, I was able to tell him exactly where it was. I have made the tags available to you for free. Just click HERE to get them for yourself. If you would like to see the process of this organization, view the video below.

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