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DIY Planner Stickers without a Printer

IMG_5572If you are anything like me, you love decorating your planner. I am more of a functional planner, but I enjoy adding a few decorative pieces here and there. The easiest way to add pops of color or a happy little reminder, is to use stickers. I love buying stickers from Etsy, but my favorite thing to do is create my own stickers. That way I can choose exactly what I want and I get to be creative.

When creating planner stickers you can buy clip art, design your own digitally, or even hand draw your stickers. I have made them every way imaginable. One of my favorite ways is by using my Cricut or Silhouette. Using an electronic die cutting machine makes cutting stickers out really easy. Sometimes I don’t want to fuss with designing a theme, printing it out and then sending it to the machine to cut. I just want to cut and go. Well, that’s possible. Did you know that you can create cute and functional planner stickers without a printer?

All you need for this technique is sticker paper and an electronic die cutting machine. I use the Cricut Explore as well as the Silhouette Cameo.

Below you will find a video tutorial that will walk you through step-by-step on how I created these stickers. I will also leave a link to where I get my supplies.


Video Tutorial

Create a Critter,Cricut

EOS Valentine Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and creating a handmade gift has never been so easy. Today I am going to show you how to make this EOS Valentine’s Day gift. It is perfect for any age and can be customized to fit any occasion.

Valentine's day gifts for my team members.  #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #cricut

IMG_2744 IMG_2745

This project was extremely simple to make. Being able to use my Cricut Explore and the print then cut feature made it even simpler. Perfect for mass producing.


New Years Card

2015 is almost here and I am so excited to share with you a new card. The reason I am so excited is the fact that I made it with my friend, Pon. Pon has been wanted to get into crafting and card making for a while now. She’s really considering making to jump into the crafting world and I thought it would be the perfect thing to show her how to make a card. I told her the easiest way to get started was to use some inspiration. We hopped on Pinterest and she found a card that she wanted to replicate.



We used a lot of techniques, products, and tools for this card because I wanted to show her different supplies that are available. If you are a beginning card maker or crafter, just keep in mind that it took me almost 5 years to get to this point. So here is our take on the card…




Video Tutorial…

Supplies Used…

I have also created two SVG files for the champagne glasses. If you would like a copy, please leave a comment below with your email address and I will send them to you.


Custom Planner Stickers

With the new year coming, many of you are probably wanting to get a bit more organized. It may even be one of your New Years Resolutions. Well I have my share of planners and I’ve always had a hard time keeping up with them. The best way for me to keep up with a planner is to figure out what I need to organize. Planning out my every day life is great, but most of the time I don’t get to check off items on my to-do list and then I feel like a failure and that makes me not want to plan anymore. šŸ™

So I thought really hard about what I’d like to start organizing first and that is my blogs. I have two YouTube channels and two blogs now and one of my personal internet resolutions is to keep up with them. I made some really great planner stickers for you bloggers/video makers out there. If you’d like a free download, go ahead and visit this link. I made the file in photoshop and I imported it into Cricut design space to create the cut file. I can’t share the cut file with you since I imported my own photo, but you can definitely follow the steps in the video below to see how I made my own cut file.

I plan on making more DIY planner stickers so keep checking back for more. If you have any requests for planner stickers that you would like to see, leave them in the comments below. Also, if you haven’t become a follower on my blog yet, make sure to check the sidebar to start following me through Blog Lovin’.

Until next time, happy crafting!!


Cricut Explore vs. Silhouette Cameo

733abb652d5c4dc7b446c28e9f7ac05c**This is a comparison between the Cricut Explore and the Silhouette Cameo In these videos I give information that I currently know about each machine. This review was filmed November 2014 so if there are new machines released since then, my review does not include updated information.**





Cricut Explore Review

I have had my Cricut Explore for about six months and I think it’s about time I give my review and opinion of the machine. This is a beautiful machine that has lived up to all of my expectations and more. I want to first start off with some features of the machine.


  • Design
  • Software
  • Cutting Ability
  • Cut System Fonts
  • SVGs
  • Multiple Materials
  • Print then Cut


Let’s start off with the design of the machine. I’m an Apple girls and we all know that Apple is known for beautiful products. I feel like Cricut has gone out of their way to make not only a functional machine, but a beautiful machine as well. Every curve, button, and door has been strategically placed. There are even features that most of us overlook, like how perfectly a mat fits under the machine!! How about storage on the side of the machine as well as a hidden door INSIDE of the machine!? Cricut has thought of it all. Of course they still have their signature Cricut green, but it is toned down, which I LOVE! I am not a green girl, but this green blends nicely into my craft room. I don’t’ feel like it’s an eyesore. It’s more of a statement piece in my room and can also serve as a decoration. I am not afraid to display it in my room. But if Cricut wants to release a purple or pink version, I would TOTALLY get it. šŸ˜‰


Now let’s move onto software. I loved my Gypsy and I didn’t create a project without it. When Cricut Craft Room came out, I still decided to stick with my Gypsy. I was in denial and I didn’t want to change. I was even in denial over the Cricut Explore at first, but people… change is GOOD!! Cricut Design Space is sooo easy to use and if I didn’t give the Explore or Design Space a chance, I wouldn’t imagine where I would be. Probably back in 2010 with my Gypsy and Expression. I love that you can search for images just by typing in a keyword. Not only is it easy to search for images that you are looking for, but you can also upload your own images. The software itself is also very easy to use. You are able to edit the canvas, images, and my favorite part is the layers menu. I will be making detailed tutorials on each of these things so don’t’ worry!

Cutting Ability

This is probably the most exciting feature of the Cricut Explore, the precision it can cut. You can cut the tiniest of things without tearing of rough edges. Here is a doily that I created with the Explore. Look at all of that detail!!

IMG_0694The doily was cut out of card stock, but the Explore can cut a variety of materials including: leather, fabric, aluminum, vinyl and so much more and trying to cut it is so easy. Cricut has included a Smart Dial that allows you to set the pressure and speed based on the material you are cutting. This is an amazing upgrade from teh Expression. I used to just guess and hope that my guesses were correct. I even bought a cutting guide!! Now it’s all in the dial! The Cricut Explore can also cut SVG files, system fonts from your computer, and now print then cut files!

Cricut has come such a long was since I became a fan and faithful user. I can’t wait to see what Cricut has in store for us next. As always, here is a video explaining some of my thoughts on the Cricut Explore.


Cricut Expression vs. Cricut Explore

a3c93756cd7d6b6946f0c0d0b8e322ccI have been a Cricut user and lover since March 2010. As soon as I started crafting, it was my very first purchase and I never looked back. A little over a year ago I purchased a Silhouette Cameo to make up for what my Cricut Expression lacked. I still used my machine religiously, but I had my Cameo for additional features like print and cut as well as cutting fonts from my computer. I am happy to say that I am back on team Cricut since the new Explore has come out. I will be doing an updated Cricut vs. Silhouette video within the next few weeks. For now though, I am doing a Cricut vs. Cricut video!!

When the new Explore came out, I was very hesitant on whether or not it was worth the money to buy. I love my Expression and I have many fond memories creating with it. IĀ  have invested so much money into my cartridges and my Gypsy and the thought of not using any of those anymore scared me. After watching a few videos I just went for it! I never bought the Expression 2 or the mini so I knew it was time for an upgrade. I am so glad that I did.

I have compared the two machines and laid out all of the features I am most familiar with. Of course there is more information on BOTH machines that I have left out, but this is just a very general overview.


Cricut vs. Silhouette

There are many electronic die cutting machines out there on the market these days. The big debate seems to be on Cricut vs. Silhouette. Everyone has their preference. I have explained the pros and cons of each machine, as well ask revealed my personal preference. To view, just click on the video below.

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